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Become a member of AGA so we can do more together in 2024.

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Your support builds a stronger, more connected community!

Becoming a member of AGA is the BEST way you can help support the community-building work we do in Applegate Valley. We make sure that all donations stay local in Applegate Valley to help our community thrive.

A Greater Applegate supports hundreds of Applegate Valley residents, businesses, and partner organizations via our three networks and nine issue-oriented working groups. These groups are coming together to implement projects and strategies from the Applegate Valley Vision and demonstrate what can happen when people collaborate, share resources, and exchange information—like developing a directory for educational opportunities on www.applegateconnect.org, bringing the Poet Laureate to Plaisance Ranch, and coordinating a pop-up art gallery (among many other things!) at the Jacksaphine Count(r)y Fair in September.

We also bring neighborhoods together for gatherings that allow people to get to know each other or reconnect with one another. These gatherings have led to neighbors organizing emergency phone trees, a local listserv, bulletin boards, and more…

Of course, we cannot do any of this without you. Without volunteers, donations, and engaged community members who participate in working groups, placemaking projects, and sharing what they have learned with their community, A Greater Applegate wouldn’t be here.

If you love what we are doing, become a member of AGA.