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Become an Applegate Valley Business Network Member!

Why Become a Business Network Member?

As we implement the strategies for a prosperous and vital Applegate Valley detailed in the Applegate Valley Vision, we invite you to join us in making our interconnected businesses stronger than ever by becoming a 2024 Applegate Valley Business Network Member today. Members are an important part of the Applegate Business Network because they not only provide financial support to keep our organization strong but also showcase how we can all thrive when we collaborate.

The Applegate Valley Business Network meets on a quarterly basis to network, connect and support each other. All types of business owners belong to the network– from chefs to artisans, to vintners and beyond! The group welcomes existing and emerging businesses—anyone interested in professional development, networking and technical assistance opportunities. Our member-inspired topics include co-marketing, event coordination, land-use permitting, tourism management and Buy Local initiatives. Together, we aim to build a strong, sustainable Applegate Valley economy.

Member Visibility

  • Connect with 20,000 Applegate Valley residents + thousands more who travel through the valley
  • Increased visibility within the valley and surrounding areas
  • Digital and in-person membership benefits reaching 2,500+ viewers
  • Increased networking opportunity with local business owners, community stakeholders and nonprofit partners from around the state

Membership Levels

Annual memberships valid January 2024 through December 2024.

  • Friend of the Applegate: $50-$99 Annually
  • Neighborhood Level: $100-$249 Annually
  • Community Level: $250-$499
  • Valley All-Star: $500+ Annually

All members at $50 and above receive:

  • Online business directory listing
  • Business Network decal

Neighborhood Level - $100-$249 members receive in addition:

  • Business map placement
  • Roll of Applegate Valley Made or Applegate Valley Grown stickers

Community Level, $250-$499 members receive in addition:

  • Wander Applegate website listing + logo on Wander Applegate website OR thank you on back of map + logo on AGA Business Network Page
  • Two complimentary tickets to holiday party
  • Social Media Inclusion

Valley All-Star - $500+ members receive in addition:

  • Wander Applegate Listing + logo on Wander Applegate Website AND thank you on back of map + logo on AGA Business Network Page
  • Dedicated social media post
  • Two complimentary tickets to all Business Network happy hours & holiday party